Cool effect teaches children to look out for the sun

SUNsters is fun news with a seriously good purpose. Made to inspire smaller children and their parents to look out for the sun. The bright silicone bracelet changes color when it gets hit by the sun’s rayss … giving life to the new fun monsters who will do all they can to prevent children from getting burned.

The perfect gift for your small guests

Would you like to make your little guests (and their parents) happy? Then make them feel welcome with a magic SUNsters bracelet. The perfect welcome gift or a fun souvenir in your holiday park, shop or at the destinations of your travel company. All you have to do is send us an email. And we will get back to you with a price on larger quantities and funny displays for your stores.

SUNsters loves all children

They might look dangerous, but the 7 crazy monsters simply love children … and they will do all they can to look out for them in the sun. Each SUNsters has powerful skills. Just like Jellia. She makes sure that it’s as much fun to play in the shade as in the sun. Or Bubbles, the troublemaker and true expert when it comes to making huge bubbles of protective glass. All SUNsters are presented individually on the packaging. Easy to select. Easy to collect.

We'd love to see you
on our wall of fame

At SUNsters we dream of making a difference by inspiring kids and their parents around the world to be aware of the sun. If You feel like joining us, please jump to our Indiegogo crowdfunding event and donate whatever You feel for. We have got great perks for You and we look forward to putting Your name on our Wall of Fame together with these awesome backers. Want to meet? Take a look right here.

Jewelry, toy or
a fun give away

My Cool SUNsters is a fun new product for children in the age 3 – 10 years. The wristbands are tested and approved as a toy for girls and boys.


SUNsters are made of natural silicone with a photo chromatic effect. The wristbands are elastic and therefore suitable for most children. They do not protect from the sun. It is just a cool toy-jewelry.

Point of sale display.

SUNsters can be ordered with and without the display, which can withhold 96 wristbands. Displays are delivered in a box. Standard delivery-time is 5-6 weeks. If you cannot wait that long, tell us about it. Then we will do our best to solve it.

Your logo

If you are looking for unique and “meaningful marketing stuff”, a thoughtful souvenir or perhaps a fun gift, stop looking. SUNsters can be made with your logo on both wristbands and the packaging.

  • My cool SUNsters

  • My cool SUNsters

  • My cool SUNsters

  • My cool SUNsters

  • My cool SUNsters

  • My cool SUNsters

  • My cool SUNsters

  • My cool SUNsters


Ready to order or maybe bursting with questions? Please give us a call or send us an e-mail at We are busy playing with the monsters… but we will get back to you as soon as possible.